I was fourteen when I bought my first camera, a Box Brownie from Woolworths. The Lake District, I knew and loved so profoundly as a boy, was to be reimagined for the rest of my life, wherever I was. Beauty became everywhere in the everyday.

Peter Walker, 2021
Old Oak Tree, Rydal
Old Oak Tree, Rydal


The images in this web site are of everyday scenes. They are visualised ‘in the camera’ with only minimum cropping and retouching as necessary. I simply want to feature the ordinary as extraordinary.

If you wish to buy one of my images, I charge £40.00 for each image regardless of size, including postage to the UK mainland. To order a print please fill out the form in the section Contact below. If you require the print finished – namely mounted as a canvass or framed, then I shall be pleased to advise and recommend third party providers.

A signed provenance sheet will be provided with each image.

Fir Tree, Cambridge Botanic Garden
Fir Tree, Cambridge Botanic Garden

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This series of images has been given a title and a short description that attempts to capture what each image means to me. This is a very personal collection of images, one that starts with essentially black and white images (taken using large format cameras and traditional printing techniques) and progresses into a digital world, where photographs are retouched using digital software such as Lightroom.

I was trained in photography at a time when exposure had to be determined, the lens manually focused (or depth of field calculated) and when film was manually processed, and prints were hand made in a darkroom, using such techniques as dodging and shading. Both stages were labour intensive but the thought that went into crafting these images, many of which were taken when I worked professionally in the world of corporate identity, meant that less was left to chance.

I hope you will enjoy these pictures. If you should like to buy a print or also have it finished by framing it, please fill out the form in the Contact section of the site (below) so I can gather more details. I charge £40.00 for each image (including postage) and shall be pleased to help in organising framing and finishing each image, tailored to meet your individual needs.